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Organizations to donate hand-made goods to, from our Frugal Friends!

From our Frugal Friend Cleo D.:
Adventures For the
-founded by my brother-in-law and friend
Adventures For The Cure (AFC) is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organizationUSA Cycling Club, and USA Triathlon Club that exists to empower people to use what they love to raise money and awareness for charitable causes that are important to them. AFC focuses on using a love of cycling to accomplish this task, but we believe that any gift or talent can be used to help others and to make a positive change in the world and we fully encourage others to do so!
In particular, AFC frequently focuses on helping children with diabetes through the Extreme Weekend For Children With Diabetes Camp as well as Kupenda for the Children, an organization that helps children with disabilities in Kenya. Through all of our efforts, we hope to inspire others to live healthy lifestyles and to adventure beyond their perceived limits, because ANYTH!NG Is Possible
Kupenda For the Children-
Kupenda ("to love" in Kiswahili) for the Children is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt Christian-based organization that exists to meet the needs of children with disabilities.  Ultimately the goal is that these children will feel that they are loved and accepted.

From our Frugal Friend who wishes to remain Anonymous:
I know some folks were asking about the link for things to do to give back.  I'm not sure if anyone wanted this one or not but it's  You can find it here  Both of my babies had issues at birth so this is one that is close to my heart.  They do several different things to help families with NICU babies and families with stillborn babies.  There are chapters all over the USA and I'm sure if there isn't one close to where someone is they could start one.  Hope this helps anyone who is interested :0)

From our Frugal Friend Shannon W:
If you look under the 'possible drop sites' tab, you'll see that I have listed tons of homeless shelters and other places for people to donate hats, blankets, scarves, etc...great idea for the post this morning!  Thanks for sharing!! 

From our Anonymous Frugal Friend:
Hello! Operation Top Knot would be a wonderful cause to send homemade goods to. They are a nonprofit organization that helps out Military families with loved ones who are pregnant and their spouses are deployed, injured, deceased or have other problems. They send gifts and cards to the families in the month of their due date and will send bubblegum cigars to the deployed member so they are not forgotten.. I can't explain it as well as the page can itself.. so here is the link! Thank you for putting together a list of organizations that we can help out by sending homemade goods! I am just learning how to knit myself so I can send baby blankets and hats back to the wonderful people at Operation Top Knot since they are actually helping my family out right now with the birth of our second child getting closer. :)   **This is the organization that also helped the Patton Family when they had their house fire.**

If you know of an organization that accepts handmade goods PLEASE email me the information, with a link, so that I can add it to the list!  Thank you all for sharing!

I ♥ my Frugal Friends!

This post is purely informational and is not meant to imply any association or endorsement.