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REVIEW: Doctor's ValuVision Optometrists, soon to be Visionworks!

REVIEW:  Doctor's ValuVision Optometrists,
soon to be Visionworks!

In mid-November I visited the Doctor's ValuVision located in Governors Square Mall in Clarksville, TN.

I needed a new prescription and glasses, but had recently been seen at the Vision Center in a local Walmart. I left there with glasses for approx. $400!  No-line trifocals they told me, they never seemed to help me much and I spent most of my day with my head tilted back so I could see. 

Not to mention, the frames were ALL wrong for me and they had pushed for me to get the Transitions lenses.  Now that might be what some people want but from the first time I put the glasses on and went from inside to outside and back inside, I hated those glasses. They made me feel old, and that's the last thing a 45 yr old woman wants!

Stepping into Doctor's ValuVision was like entering a different world compared to my visit at the local Walmart. I was greeted immediately, asked what I was looking for in frames and I was allowed to spend as much time as I liked trying on frames. At first I was lost, there were so many to choose from. But soon choosing was not difficult, because Shelly Patel was assisting me and she seemed to read my mind!

She picked out frames for me to try on and I don't think I had to go through five before I knew the ones I wanted, which I believe it was the first or second she had chosen for me. They are PERFECT!

The eye exam, WOW!  Talk about a world apart. As an adult I've always shopped "frugal" for my eye glasses and mostly at the "one hour" optometrists. Never again!

Dr. Joseph Honeycutt took time to thoroughly exam my eyes. For the first time I was told not to squint. That may seem like a little thing to some, but once he said it I realized I had always squinted during eye tests. I have astigmatism in both eyes, so it's a natural thing for me to squint to see clearer. It has made a huge difference in how I see. It's unbelievable how such a little thing made such a huge difference! 

After the eye exam Shelly assisted me with measuring for the frames.  I had to ask what she was measuring because this too was something new to me.  She placed dots on the frames to make the measurements and boy did I feel foolish when I asked what she was doing.  I'm 45, I have worn glasses my entire adult life and the eye exam by Dr. Honeycutt and treatment by Shelly Patel were so foreign to me, I was embarrassed. 

And, for the first time in my life, I have prescription sunglasses.  I chose No Line Bifocals too, this time I truly got what I ordered unlike past bifocals or trifocals.  Shelly suggested the Non-Glare lenses and I couldn't be happier with them.  It was especially nice when we traveled on our Cruise, the non-glare lenses made such a difference. I just couldn't be happier with the entire experience.

Now, I have to tell you, we were going on our cruise Nov. 22nd.  That was the date my glasses were due to be ready and I was a bit panicked that I wouldn't have them in time.  No worries!  Shelly made sure I had them in plenty of time for the cruise.  When I went to pick them up instead if being handed the glasses after paying at the register, Shelly sat down with me and made sure the fit was perfect.  

At first the glasses took some getting used to. I clearly remember the first time I drove with the sunglasses and looked over my left shoulder, the side of the glasses left me with an unexpected blind spot.  They are wide with rhinestones, so I was unable to see through that part.  But I quickly adapted and now I never drive without them.  I do sometimes forget to remove them when I enter a store (i.e., gas station, fast food, etc.) because they are polarized and I can still see really well with them on in brightly lit buildings.  I'm in love with them and I can't believe I lived 45 years without prescription sunglasses!

My eyeglasses are extremely clear.  I notice smudges on them easily and was given some wipes when I got the glasses, but in a bind I use a soft cloth.  I truly cannot tell they are bifocals.  My daily headaches are gone thanks to Dr. Honeycutt and Doctor's ValuVision.  No more neck strain either.  I can honestly say I hadn't realized that all those "cheap" deals I thought I was getting on my eyeglasses were costing me so much.  Doctor's ValuVision has upped the bar for me, no more "Vision Centers" in the local grocery/household/auto store! 

If it weren't so close to the holidays I'd venture to the mall for an adjustment.  The glasses are so comfortable I keep falling asleep with them on and I really need them adjusted. I just may go ahead and do that today, I'm looking forward to being greeted with a smile and getting to thank everyone there for having had the best month of seeing clearly in my life!

Their website can be located by clicking HERE.  Right now they are offering two pairs for $99, which includes no-line bifocals and you too could upgrade for just a bit and have that pair of prescription sunglasses you've always wanted.  Talk about saving money, this is an awesome deal!

Doctor's ValuVision accepts many insurances, including Tricare!  You can check if your insurance in on the list by clicking HERE. Also, call your local Doctor's ValuVision, you're sure to get the answers you are looking for and with a certain kind of respect that most "value" eye care stores just do not have. 

Thank you so much Doctor's ValuVision!