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Review & Giveaway: Jamies Cupcakes and Cake Pops!

I've been asked to do a Product Review for
In exchange for my review Jamie has provided me with
a sample basket for myself, to review.
She will also provide one dozen
cake pops (one flavor)
to give away to a lucky Frugal Army Wife fan!
No other compensation has been given for this review.

First of all let me just say,
that until I came across Jamie's Facebook page
I had never even heard of Cake Pops.

The only less than perfect thing I can say is
that there wasn't enough in my sampler pack. LOL

My sampler pack included the following flavors:
Lemon (2)
Chocolate Covered Strawberry
Triple Chocolate

I loved every single one of them!
I'm not much of a chocolate eater,
believe it or not...
especially considering my husband and I
have devoured 18 cake pops in a week or so.
But these cake pops are so amazing,
I find myself craving them.... a lot!

The cake is so moist and the icing is
perfect, not crumbly and not too soft.

My husband says Cake Pops are:
"Delicious!  They cure your sweet tooth cravings."

I love that they are just enough to
cure your craving for sweets,
but you don't feel guilty if you eat the entire pop!
Or, as in my case, a few! LOL

I just found it difficult not to eat more than one.
Especially when I was taste testing
the different varieties.
I just wanted to keep eating.

I can't even pick my favorite!
I LOVE the Oreo Cake Pops,
and I still hear Angels singing when
I say "Oreo Cake Pops"!

But the Lemon.... ohmygoodness!
Moist, melt in your mouth, heavenly!
Now I just can't decide which is my favorite.

Trust me, if you try
Jamie's Cake Pops
for yourself I am certain
you will be extremely pleased!

Next on my agenda is to try
her cupcakes.... YUM!

Here's my comparisons:
-- Candy's Cake Pops - Classic Pops - 1 dz = $31.99
w/shipping being an additional $8.95 - $13.95
-- New York Cake Pops - Basic Pops - 1 dz = Starting at $33
w/shipping being an additional $15 and they only deliver to Manhattan
-- Cake Pop Company - 1 dz = $21.00
w/shipping not even being listed, you must call for a quote! :/

Jamie charges:
*Cake Pop Basics $18.00 a dozen*
Shipping is available for an additional fee.
Plus, if you're local... you can arrange to pick them up!


The giveaway will be fun and easy.
You will go to Jamie's Cupcakes and Cake Pops and "like" it,
then find the Discussion topic that says FAW.
Then leave a comment in the topic with your favorite flavor of cake!
Does NOT have to be your favorite Cake Pop Flavor,
just the flavor of cake you love most!

On Sunday evening, at 11:00pm CST,
the giveaway will be closed, comments will be counted and
using a number will be chosen.
The person who left that number comment will be
the winner.

Please be sure you have your settings set so that you 
do NOT get an email notification every time someone
posts a comment, otherwise you will get MANY
email notifications and I don't want to see that happen.
Once the giveaway is over you can go back and re-do
your settings on your FB page.

The winner will be notified by a post on FAW
and a post on Jamie's page on Monday morning,
with instructions on how to claim your prize.