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$.75/1 Box of Original Cheerios!

$.75/1 Box of Original Cheerios!

I know lots of you have little ones
and Cheerios seem to be a necessity,
they were when my four were little!

We not only fed them to the little ones
that were pre-toddler through toddler stage,
but we learned ducks love them, 
monkeys at the zoo love them,
goats love them, birds love them,
and (when they're not wet) they're a
breeze to vacuum up!

The coupon is good for 30 days from
the day that it is printed,
the site says it is available there until
July 30, 2012.

You can print up to two coupons.
So, it might be best to print one and
use it now and then wait for a good sale
to go back and print the second one.

Click HERE to print your coupon(s) for 
$.75/1 Box of Original Cheerios!
(Coupon is midway down on the left side, green button)
When you go to print it says,
"This campaign is over."
But it may be worth it to check back later!

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