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Using Gift Cards to Save On AAFES Food!

Using Gift Cards to Save On AAFES Food!

"The Army and Air Force Exchange Services (AAFES) has 
an interesting deal going on in their food courts.  
If you pay for your purchase with your Star Card, 
an AAFES gift card, or an AAFES food court gift card, 
they will give you 10% off your purchase.  

Now, I am seriously against using a 
Star Card to buy food, but a gift card?  
Sure, if it will save me 10%.

The process is simple.  
Go into the Exchange and purchase a gift card. 
You can purchase a card for any amount, 
but I went ahead a put $50 on it.  
Then, I went to the food court to purchase our food.  

Four kids, plus me, times pizza at Pizza Hut, $2.50 saved.  
By the time I use all of the money on that gift card, 
I will have saved $5.  
Not a lot, but well worth the 5 minutes it took 
me to purchase the gift card.

If you ever make food purchases at 
an AAFES run vendor, 
consider purchasing a gift card to buy your food.  
10% off is not to shabby for basically no work."

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