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Super Bowl Appetizer: Bacon Topped Deviled Eggs!

The Super Bowl is almost here! 
Less then forty eight hours to get those snacks 
and tasty indulgences together.

Today's final recipe is a tried and true tradition at many gatherings 
I have attended and one of my favorites to make. 
Deviled eggs are the simplest things to make but you would be surprised 
at how many people throw mayonnaise in the eggs yolks and call it a day.

Nothing worse then picking up a lifeless unseasoned deviled egg. 
As I said in the last few Super Bowl recipes...
bacon makes everything better and so is the case with these.

(12) boiled and peeled eggs cut down the middle with the yolks mashed and separated in a separate bowl.

Seasonings: Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder , Dried Mustard , Dried Parsley Paprika , pinch of sugar .

A few slices of bacon cooked and chopped

Tablespoon of Relish

About ½ cup of mayo (Add more or less based on your preference)


1. Begin by adding all seasonings (except Paprika and Dried Parsley) ,relish and mayo to mashed egg yolks.

2. You may combine the mixture using a spoon but I prefer a mixer as it comes out smoother that way.

3. Begin spooning eggs mixture into the egg halves. For a neater appearance add egg mixture to a freezer bag , snip the end and begin piping egg mixture.

4. Place chopped bacon on each deviled egg and sprinkle with Dried Parsley and Paprika.

5. Let chill in fridge for a few hours.
Serve and Enjoy!

*Thank you My Military Savings for this post!