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There is one thing I do NOT suggest you take the Frugal route on.... and here's why!

THIS is what your babies will look like when you take them to the groomers:

Yes, you will pay at least $75 (and that's low balling it)
for the both of them to be bathed, have their teeth brushed,
nails clipped and the little one groomed.

Aren't they beautiful?!

Now, here's why you can't go Frugal on this one.
Last weekend I got the idea that it's just a hair cut, right?
So how hard could it possibly be?!  
Bought a good pair of grooming shares,
I hate to even tell you how much I paid for these,
but it's a moot point now.... they're going back,
slightly charred.

Also, I suggest that should you ever get the idea to
groom your dogs at home,
you make certain you have at least one helper....
probably three or more just to be sure.

Kendra is a wonderful dog.
She is a retired therapy dog and 
spent the first three years of her life 
visiting nursing homes, school, and special needs children.

She is a BREEZE to groom....
heck, once the clippers caught fire and
we had to use the scissors,
she literally fell asleep on the floor while 
I tediously clipped away at all her hair...
except for her back, which I had managed to
get with the sheers before they burst into flames.

I had bathed her last week, 
in preparation of the big day.
Then buttered her up good with a few treats
before starting in on her.
Readied the clippers, 
oiled them, attached just the right guide
so the hair would be cut uniformly,
put a blanket on the floor and
chased her until she gave up.

She sat so well, and the first swipe was
obviously far too short.
So I stopped to adjust the guide.
I could hide that, no problem.

Thirty minutes into it, the clippers were getting a bit warm.
So I shut them off to give them a break
and let her get a drink of water.
Used the extra expensive oil/cleaner
spray I had purchased as suggested by
the "professional grooming" salesman.

Ready us both and turned on the clipper.
I really can't tell you how the next few moments went.
But it was something like, "PUFF" and flames 
shot out of the clipper.
A blood curdling scream that I swear came from
somewhere else in the house, 
although I was home alone.
Then the realization that I was holding flaming clippers,
which I then tossed onto the blanket full of dog hair clippings.

For one BRIEF moment my mind clicked and
I thought clearly!
I unplugged the clippers, yes they were still plugged in
while flaming in my hand,
then I did the drop, stop and roll with them.
Before jumping on them like my life depended on it.

Actually, I was just so darned mad that jumping on them
made me feel so much better.
Besides, they were rolled in a blanket,
so they came out unscathed...
except for the scorch marks.

Then, I grabbed a drink (non-alcoholic, but I soon
wished I had gone the other route) and
sat on the living room floor cutting Kendra's hair.
Snip, snip, snip, snip, snip.....
this went on for over FOUR hours.

My husband came home from work and
dared not to laugh...
although it was painfully obvious he was ready 
to "bust a gut"!

To finish this off and get to the morale of the story,
while trying to spare just a smidge of my dignity,
we bathed Kendra, dried her with a towel,


Cards of condolences for Kendra can be mailed to:

Kendra Wagner
7379 N Dexter Ave, Unit B
Fort Campbell, KY  42223

Hope I made your evening.....
now I'm off to get some real work done!