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Ten Year Anniversary of 9/11 Terrorist Attacks... and 9/11 Charities.

On September 11, 2011, terrorists attacked the United States of America,
killing and injuring thousands.
Horrified and compassionate Americans across the country
subsequently donated $2.2 billion to various charities
that had quickly set up 9/11-related funds.

Under pressure from the media, politicians and donors,
the majority of this money was spent within a year of the attacks.
However, some charities wisely withheld a portion of the money
they raised so that they could continue to fund memorial projects,
mental and health-care services, and scholarships into the future.

This year, as we commemorate the tenth anniversary of this tragedy,
it is warranted that we take a look at the charities that
established 9/11 funds and how they are performing today.

Click HERE to check out a 9/11 Charity.

Facts related to 9/11:
  • 20% of Americans knew someone hurt or killed on 9/11.
  • Around 36,000 units of blood were donated to the New York Blood Center, but only 258 were used.
  • The IRS fast-tracked the approval of 300 new 9/11 related charities. By 2006, 1/3 couldn't be located and 38 had closed.
  • The fires burned for almost 100 days after the attack.
  • Around 1,300 corporations and foundations made 9/11 related donations accounting for nearly 40% of all donations.
  • 2,992 people died in the attacks.