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Make your own Mocha Frappuccinos with this recipe and FREE samples of Taster's Choice!


1 pkt Taster's Choice instant coffee
(I used Gourmet Roast)
1/2 c hot water
(I used HOT tap water)
1 1/2 tbsp Chocolate sundae syrup
(Not going to lie, I used at least 2 tbsp!)
1/3 c whipped cream
(I used Extra Creamy canned)
1 c ice
(I used 10 large ice cubes from ice maker)
*Whipped cream optional
(I just cannot make it without!)

Put your instant coffee in mug.  Mix in 1/2 c hot water.
Stir and let coffee cool.  Once coffee is cooled pour into blender.
Add 1/3 c Whipped Cream and 1 1/2 tbsp Chocolate Sundae Syrup.
Last add 1 c of ice into blender.
Blend high for 45 seconds or until ice is blended.
Top off with whipped cream.
Makes a single serving!

I had originally seen a recipe for 2 servings,
but when "testing", realized that one packet of the
Taster's Choice instant coffee (get a FREE sample)
works perfectly in a single serving recipe.

This recipe, with the Gourmet Roast instant coffee,
makes one strong Mocha Frappuccino, if you prefer a lighter coffee taste,
I would suggest a regular or flavored Taster's Choice instant coffee.

I adjusted the recipe, sometimes using my "looks like" method.
Where a big squeeze of Chocolate syrup "looks like" 1 1/2 tbsp!

You can get creative and add Caramel syrup
or whatever else you'd like!
If you try this recipe, let me know what you think of it!