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Pound puppies......

Pound puppies...

Wouldn't the world be
a much better place
if this were the truth!!

Please, if you are looking for
a new family member,
 think of these few things:

- Adopt!
Our shelters are FULL!

- Dogs/Cats should live as we do, INSIDE!

- Do not pick the first CUTE animal you see,
be sure to get acquainted and know it's a good fit
for your family AND the animal.

- Animals, or as I refer to them.... furbabies,
need love, attention and medical care.
Just like a real baby!!

- Don't expect it to be easy!!
You're welcoming a new FAMILY member.
There will be many trips outside (potty training),
sleepless nights (while they become used to the new home)
and many days of those things you never think of.

Our rescue doghter, 
yes we do call her our doghter,
has kept us up many a night:

- Swallowed the entire insole of a shoe, $1,200
- Didn't feel well (she ate a toy) , $600
- Toys, bed and treats, endless $$
- Her love and companionship..........
undoubtedly priceless!!!!

Find your nearest shelter and
Change the life of a four legged fur-baby,
who will undoubtedly change your life!!

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