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Cooking on a Log.... I have to try this!

Cooking on a Log....
I have to try this!

Wish I had known about this
back in the days
when I camped almost weekly
with my four children.
Useful and entertaining!

Just cut the log evenly
on both sides
so it stands up freely.
Then cut it into vertical segments
most of the way down the
length of the log.

Stuff some newspapers into the cracks
as deep as you can get it,
with a little left hanging out the cracks
at the bottom to use as wicks.

Light it up!

That's all there is to it,
the log burns from the inside out!
A very simple,
handmade stove.

I've seen this on several websites,
and it looks so easy
I just have to give this one a try!
Now if I could just find 
my good cast iron frying pan!

If you have tried this,
or if you do try this,
please drop me a line and
let me know how it went!

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