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"Review could lead to higher prices at the commissary"!

"Review could lead to higher prices
at the Commissary"!

Article reads, in part:

Defense officials will take a "candid look" at
whether commissaries should operate without
taxpayer subsidies, said Jessica Wright,
acting undersecretary of defense for
personnel and readiness.

Estimating the $1.4 billion annual taxpaper subsidy
for commissaries was one potential cost-cutting measure
outlined in the Pentagon's new strategic review,
released July 31.
That would mean marking up the price of
groceries, similar to the way military exchanges
mark up their products to pay for operating costs.

The taxpayer subsidy now pays for those costs,
such as cashiers' salaries.
That allows commissaries to sell items at cost --
and provide a steep discount,
generally about 30 percent,
compared with average off-base grocery prices.
The military community consistently ranks
commissaries as a top valued benefit.

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"Review could lead to higher prices
at the Commissary"!

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