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Hello My Frugal Friends..... from the desk of The Frugal Army Wife!

Hello My Frugal Friends..... 
from the desk of 
The Frugal Army Wife!

I hope everyone is having a
very relaxing Sunday.

I have been busy getting the blog,
Twitter and Pinterest accounts
up and running again.

Having taken such a long break,
it seems to be a bit more
of a chore than I had anticipated.

However, I am back now and
plan to stay as active as possible.

Just a few quick facts
about me:

- I no longer reside in the
Fort Campbell area.
- I am no longer an Army Wife.
- I still love saving money and
sharing my great finds with others.

If you find something that would be
a great post for fellow Armed Services families,
it with me via a message on
the Facebook page.

to all those faithful Frugal Friends
who continued to keep up
with the page, and me.
And a great big WELCOME
to our new Frugal Friends!

You all are the GREATEST!

I ♥ my Frugal Friends!