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Some great "surprises" at the Ft. Campbell, KY Commissary!

Some great "surprises" at the 
Ft. Campbell, KY Commissary!

Received a message from our
Frugal Friend Toni K.S.
Toni stated:

"Hi I was at the commissary today and 
they had some pretty good deals
 just a couple were 
Cheese Nips on sale for [less than 1.01]/box 
and 1. off coupon off 3 
also Glass/multi surface wipes 30 ct on sale half off 
then the lady was handing out the coupons 
which made them [less than 60] cents each . 
just thought I would share" 

[Due to Commissary Rules on
advertising prices,
I was unable to list the exact prices
of the items, but made it easy to guess! ;o)]

Thank you for sharing Toni!

If you have great deals like this at your
local Commissary, or other stores,
please feel free to message me on
The Frugal Army Wife Facebook page
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I ♥ my Frugal Friends!