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My birthday is Saturday, September 8th and...

My birthday is Saturday, September 8th and...

I'll be 46 years young, or as I like to say,
"I'll be celebrating the 17th Anniversary
of my 29th Birthday!" LOL

I will be traveling on my birthday,
away from my children and grandchildren
(all of which I miss dearly!!).
So, as a gift to me all I ask
of my AMAZING fans is this:

Please take a moment to share my
Facebook page with anyone you think
may enjoy it and/or benefit from it.
Also, find just one thing I post this week
(or more if you feel inclined to do so)
and hit the "share" button to
share it with your friends and family.
Finally, if you haven't already done so,
please follow me on Twitter 

It would be greatly appreciated and
would be the GREATEST gift of all
to see my fan base go over 17,000...
and potentially so much more!

using the app on my FB page!

You all are amazing fans,
very loyal and caring.
I have been through a lot this year,
and you all have stood by my side
making it much easier for me.

I will always say, without hesitation,
I ♥ my Frugal Friends!