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iRetroPhone Phone with iPhone Dock for only $34.99 SHIPPED!

iRetroPhone Phone with iPhone Dock 
for only $34.99 SHIPPED!

This is so great!
It not only allows you to charge
your iPhone,
it also can be used if you have a
land line in your home!

Plus, you can use the handset
with your iPhone via
Bluetooth technology!

Works with other electronics too,
here's the specifics:

  • iPhone charging/dock via 30pin connector
  • Cordless handset using DECT technology (long range, excellent quality) to make/receive calls over your iPhone (or other Bluetooth capable device)
  • Base also connects to your existing landline to allow use of the handset to make and receive landline calls
  • Multi-point Bluetooth connects base to iPhone and other Bluetooth devices (other mobile phones or Skype/VOIP computer)
  • DC adapter
  • Handsfree speakerphone
  • Speaker allows playback of music from iPhone
  • Apple approved product (MFi / WWi)

Click HERE to get your
iRetroPhone Phone with iPhone Dock 
for only $34.99 SHIPPED!

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