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100 Personal Business Cards - only $5 SHIPPED!

100 Personal Business Cards - 
only $5 SHIPPED!

Follow every introduction with a personal business card. 
“Here’s my card,” isn’t just for those who want to talk shop. 
Business cards are a great way to 
make connections in your personal life, too.

Let’s face it. We meet new people every day, 
and all too often we miss out on opportunities to reconnect 
simply because we don’t know
 how to reach each other. 
That’s where Vistaprint’s personal business cards come in.

Choose from hundreds of designs, 
add your contact info and order in minutes! 
Once you start handing out your cards, 
people will start handing you invitations. 

Now you’ll never miss another play date, 
dinner with the gals or 
community events you’ve expressed interest in. 
Plus, you can even make your personal business card 
work twice as hard by adding your child’s allergies
 and emergency contact information on the back!

Vistaprint makes it easier than ever to keep 
acquaintances, friends, family, babysitters 
and teachers in-the-know. 

See for yourself. 
Get your personal business cards 
from Vistaprint today.

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100 Personal Business Cards - 
only $5 SHIPPED!

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