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You think filling your fuel tank on your car is expensive....

You think filling your fuel tank 
on your car is expensive....

Since Saturday evening I have
immersed myself in a whole new world.
The world of OTR Truck Driving!

I've always wondered what
it would be like to drive a truck.
Now I know!

There is so much that goes into this.
I've learned about tires, tire pressure,
air bag suspension, fueling up
(which is pictured above - VERY expensive),
pre-trip inspections, post-trip inspections,
end-route-inspections and
life as it really is "Over The Road"!

Luckily, I am able to still
maintain my internet and 
still get to have this 
amazing opportunity.

This is something I just had to share
with my amazing Frugal Friends.

It gives you a whole new perspective
on how things really get from
point A to point B,
the true costs involved and
how fortunate we are to have
men and women who devote
their lives to this industry!

My son was an OTR driver for
several months after leaving the military.
Today I am driving with a
retired First Sergeant who has
over 1,000,000 miles under his belt.

It's been both a great pleasure
and extremely educational!

Watch for further updates/photos,
and as always,
I'll continue to share the
great deals and FREEbies I find!

I ♥ my Frugal Friends!