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SargesList is still recruiting for local marketing managers!

SargesList is still recruiting for 
local marketing managers!

SargesList is growing rapidly and 
they have a need for local people to help 
with their marketing efforts at each base.  

They knew the ideal candidate would have to be flexible, 
knowledgeable, have a high drive for success and 
be part of the military community. 

When they developed Boots on the Ground, 
they knew military spouses would be the 
best candidates for the local market manager positions.

Sarge's Boots on the Ground Team~
They have four locations and are looking to 
expand into different bases. 

Each selected base will have a local 
"champion" running their 
own SargesList site making it the 
go-to site for that community; 
earning money and having fun!

So, if you are outgoing, entrepreneurial,
tech savvy, a high connector and 
love building great causes, 
then send us your resume with cover letter to

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