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$2/1 Post-it® Super Sticky Notes!

$2/1 Post-it® Super Sticky Notes!

I absolutely love Post-it® Notes.
I remember getting TONS of them 
for Christmas at an 
office Christmas Party one year 
because I used them for everything!

I never had an issue with them sticking,
but apparently now they have Super Sticky ones.
In fact, I have one I've had for sixteen years,
my son left it in my accounting book
when I was going to college in '96.

That Post-it® Note hung at my desk
the entire time he was deployed
to Iraq from '07 - '08!
And still exists today!

I believe you can print two copies 
of this coupon.
I was unable to print it,
no access to a printer today.
PLEASE let me know if you have
any issues/problems at all!

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