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You'll love the recipe for this Sausage Burger! YUM!

You'll love the recipe for this Sausage Burger!

We're having my grandson's
2nd Birthday party this weekend.
I'm hoping I can convince my
son-in-law to throw some of these
delicious burgers on the grill!

My plan is to make these with
half sausage and half beef.
I'm not sure yet whether I'll use
spicy sausage, mild, or
original recipe.

What will you do with this recipe?
If you change it up a bit,
please send me an email with
your new recipe and a picture!

Here's the recipe for these great
Sausage Burgers:

1 lb Sausage Roll
1lb Lean Ground Beef
8 slices American Cheese
1 lrg Red Onion, cut into 1/8" slices
1 pkg Hamburger Buns

- Using a 1lb roll of sausage and 
1lb of Lean Ground Beef,
put roll and beef together in a
medium mixing bowl.
- Mix with your hands until
the two meats are mixed well.
- Divide the mixture into 8 portions,
firmly press the portions into
round patties.
- Grill the patties to 170F,
approximately 4-6 minutes per side.
- Place a slice of American Cheese on
each patty about 2 minutes before removing
the patties from the grill.
- Put patties on buns and
top with a slice of red onion.
- Top with the usual condiments you
use on a burger and ENJOY!

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