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WARNING: Fake Facebook Photo Notifications Contain Malware!

WARNING: Fake Facebook Photo 
Notifications Contain Malware!

Be careful about opening emails that claim 
you have been tagged in a Facebook photo, 
because they may actually be malware, 
according to a security expert.

The blog notes that the email address 
misspells “Facebook” as “Faceboook.” 

The link takes the user to a malicious iFrame script, 
which exposes the user’s computer to malware. 
However, within four seconds, the user’s browser is 
directed to a presumably innocent Facebook page 
to act as a smokescreen. 

The lab recommends checking the “Facebook” email addresses 
closely in emails and hover your mouse over the link, 
at which point you should see it doesn’t go to a Facebook page.

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WARNING: Fake Facebook Photo 
Notifications Contain Malware!

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