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Love to garage sale? Win a $25 Visa gift card when you share a pic of your loot!

Love to garage sale? 
Win a $25 Visa gift card 
when you share a pic of
your loot!

Use the website to find
all the garage sales,
yard sales, and
estate sales on a map.

Or use it to place a
FREE ad for your
upcoming sale.

And if you think you're an
awesome garage saler,
here's your chance to prove it!

$25 VISA gift card (plus a free t-shirt!) 
to five of the best yard salers of the week, 
every single week until the 
end of yard sale season 2012! 

How to win:
1) Go yard saling
2) Spend $25 
3) Blog about your loot with 
full details on prices, items, etc.
4) Send us a link to your blog 

our Frugal Friend
Stephanie P!

Who has shared many great deals
and links to great website,
including this one,
with me via a message on the FB page.

If you have a deal/freebie/coupon
you would like to share,
please email or message me the link,
with a brief description!

Click HERE to learn how to
Win a $25 Visa gift card 
when you garage sale!

Click HERE to place a
FREE ad for your
upcoming sale.

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