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Inside the Bus During Drum Major Robert Champion's Fatal Hazing!

Inside the Bus During Drum Major 
Robert Champion's Fatal Hazing!

This is such a tragedy and
really makes me nervous as the
mother of college student who is
active in school sponsored clubs/groups.

"Florida A&M drum major Robert Champion
endured a lethal pummeling down the
aisle of a pitch black bus that
rocked from the force of the violence inside,
the culmination of a tradition of violent hazing at
the nationally known marching band.

Champion struggled, with a female band member
holding him back to prolong the punishment,
through a gauntlet of band mates who used
their fists, feet, straps and sticks to
pound him into unconsciousness.

Over 2,000 pages of evidence from the
investigation into Champion's death were
released by the Florida District Attorney's Office and
they deliver a blow-by-blow of the night's events.

They also describe a culture that
considers repeated "hot seat" beatings and
the final "crossing over" gauntlet that
killed Champion as rites of passage."

Champion lived a "alternative lifestyle",
but rumors that his lifestyle was what
brought on the beating are being refuted by
the fact that others also endured the
same treatment that night on the bus.

Click HERE to see the video
and read the full article:
Inside the Bus During Drum Major 
Robert Champion's Fatal Hazing!

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