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How To Remove Ads Not by Facebook Virus on Timeline!

How To Remove Ads Not By Facebook
Virus on Timeline!

I did not have to do this,
but this tutorial will walk you through it

My problem was that I was logged on to a
friend's computer as "guest".
I was unable to make any changes to the computer,
so when it popped up that my sites were 
no longer secured, I just went on and didn't bother.


All is well now, I'm back on my own computer,
and things are working wonderfully!

If you're having trouble with ads on your
Facebook page and you want to get rid of them,
all you have to do is follow the link below
and it will walk you through it!

to our Frugal Friend
Shawn A
for sharing the link to the fix with me!

*Please Note:  I did not use this,
as once I was back on my own computer
my security settings took care of the ads for me.

Click HERE if you need to know
How To Remove Ads Not By Facebook
Virus on Timeline!

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