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Sid the Science Kid DVD Bundle (5 DVDs) for only $24.99 shipped!

Sid the Science Kid DVD Bundle (5 DVDs)
 for only $24.99 shipped!

You get the following DVDs:
Change Happens - with Bonus DVD
Sid's Sing Along
Going, Going, Green!
Sid in Motion
Weather Kid Sid

If you have a little one,
these are bound to become
their favorite DVDs!

All About Sid the Science Kid:

Sid the Science Kid is a half-hour television show 

for preschoolers produced by the creative minds 
at The Jim Henson Company

The show’s technologically innovative 3D animation is 
realized at the Henson Digital Performance Studio, 
which means that instead of people sitting at computers 
animating Sid and the other characters, 
puppeteers perform the show live 
in a motion capture environment. 

Each character is played by two puppeteers simultaneously, 
one who performs body movements and 
one who does the voice acting and facial movements. 
The result is a look that falls somewhere between 
computer animation and traditional puppetry.

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Sid the Science Kid DVD Bundle (5 DVDs)
 for only $24.99 shipped!

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