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Lyrid Meteor Shower: Shooting Stars, and New Moon Helps!

Lyrid Meteor Shower: Shooting Stars, 
and New Moon Helps!

Although it's a bit chilly out there...
ok, it's COLD,
the meteor shower will be worth catching,
even snuggled in a sleep bag on
your lawn chair!

"Go outside after midnight Saturday night, 
and if the Lyrid meteor shower of 2012 is good to you, 
you will be able to see the sky falling.

Every year at this time, the Earth passes through 
the orbit of an old comet called Thatcher, 
and the result is a meteor shower -- shooting stars, 
usually about 10 to 20 per hour, 
streaking across the night sky 
as debris from the comet enters 
the Earth's atmosphere and burns up.

Astronomers will tell you that meteor showers are 
best if you regard them as something to be savored,
rather than awed by. 
But if you're lucky, it will be a pleasant, restful show. 
And you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that 
Chicken Little was half-right: 
The sky will indeed be falling ... harmlessly."

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Lyrid Meteor Shower: Shooting Stars, 
and New Moon Helps!
[There's even a link to check your local weather.]

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