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How to reuse your plastic shopping bags, with a "pop-up" holder!

This is a genius idea!

Here's how one blogger reuses her bags.... 
I'm definitely doing this one!

She shoved a plastic bag in through the top of the container, leaving the handles sticking out.

Then take another bag, hold it buy the handles and straighten it out.  Loop the bottom of the bag through the handles of the first one and shove it all in the box.

Repeat until it is full (you can fit a lot!)

And that's it!  When you pull one out, another will pop out of the top.  She keeps this box by her changing table.  She doesn't use a stinky diaper pail.  Just toss the mess in the bag, tie it up and throw it in the outside trash can.

This would also work well under a bathroom sink since it condenses the bags so neatly.

Genius, right? :)

Special THANK YOU to Crystal at "A Simple Heart For Home"