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"How To Fix Anything" T-Shirt, for just $8.98 shipped!

"How To Fix Anything" T-Shirt, 
for just $8.98 shipped!

"I can fix anything! Just needs a little
duct tape and a dab of WD-40
and we're all set."

That is a classical Oklahoman quote!
How did I ever live before my Okie
"jack-of-all-trades involving duct tape and WD-40"
friends and loved one?!

If you know someone who this shirt
was just made for,
get it for them and you are certain
to have purchased their new 
"bestest" wardrobe piece. 

[PS-This post was made with a particular
long time friend in mind.
I hope it does not offend anyone,
that was certainly NOT the intent!]

At the time of posting this there's
just under 23 hours to get yours
before the deal expires!

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"How To Fix Anything" T-Shirt, 
for just $8.98 shipped!

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