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FREE sample of Peau d´Or® tanning lotion, USA only!

FREE sample of Peau d´Or® 
tanning lotion, USA only!

Peau d´Or® is the new tanning hype from 
Europe and now available in the USA!

You will need to "like" their page,
then fill in your information.
Took me just a minute to
sign up for mine.

I skipped the part where it
asked me to send an invitation
to my friends on Facebook.

Be sure to purge your apps daily!

They will only send a FREE sample
to U.S.A. mailing addresses.

The page isn't loading for me right now,
I've seen on other pages that
people are having trouble with it.
You may need to refresh the page
several times, or try it later.

Click HERE to get your
FREE sample of Peau d´Or® 
tanning lotion, USA only!

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