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Coastal is offering FREE Eyeglasses for everyone! Tricare insured will end up with everything for FREE!

Coastal is offering FREE Eyeglasses for everyone! 
Tricare insured will end up with everything for FREE!

I've posted a similar offer from Coastal last year,
and received my FREE glasses
(I just paid shipping, which I believe was less than $17.00).

Recently, I received this email from our
Frugal Friend Tara:

"I went to the mall recently to ....
(the vision place right across from Chick-Fil-A (Clarksville).
.... Tricare covers NOTHING as far as glasses go,
just the eye exam. 
There is no way I could pay that for just one pair of glasses!

Online I ended up going to 
Found an almost identical pair, 
got the antiglare lenses too and 
ended up spending WITH shipping a grand total of $19.95!
If I did not get the antiglare they would have just been $9.90. 
Yep, I was stoked! 
They had super fast shipping and the quality is great!

So, get your eyes checked locally… 
Walmart, the Mall, most places take Tricare for eye exams. 
After they check them, make sure you get your prescription. 
Browse some styles and see what shape fits your face the best. 
The order online and save a bundle!

I thought this would be a great one to share with 
the other Military Wives since we are all in the same tricare boat :)"

[Exact email was shortened due to space limitations.]

This offer is good on your FIRST pair only.
You will need to use the code:
to get this offer.

Click HERE to get your
FREE Eyeglasses for everyone,

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