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$3.00 Off Twentieth Century Fox The Secret Life of Bees on Blu-ray™!

$3.00 Off Twentieth Century Fox 
The Secret Life of Bees on Blu-ray™!

The Secret Life of Bees springs from the 
same home-cooked, heartwarming, bittersweet, 
girl-power primordial ooze that produced genre classics 
like Fried Green Tomatoes and The Color Purple. 

Dakota Fanning stars as Lily Owens, 
a 14-year-old living in a small Southern town, 
who is haunted by the guilt of accidentally shooting
 her mother when she was a little girl. 

When her emotionally distant father (Paul Bettany) 
goes one step too far during a fight, 
she sets off with their black maid (Jennifer Hudson) -- 
who recently tried to take advantage of the 
just-passed Civil Rights Bill, 
but was beaten by a mob for registering to vote -- 
for the place where the one picture Lily has of her mom was taken. 

Once there, under the guidance of wise beekeeper 
August Boatwright (Queen Latifah) and her sisters -- 
the high-strung May (Sophie Okonedo) and 
the analytical June (Alicia Keys) -- 
Lily learns valuable life lessons about making honey, 
racial tolerance, and the healing powers of love.

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$3.00 Off Twentieth Century Fox 
The Secret Life of Bees on Blu-ray™!

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