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100 Peruvian Lilies w/vase for only $39.84 delivered!

100 Peruvian Lilies w/vase for 
only $39.84 delivered!

I have posted a similar deal in the past,
and actually had the bouquet
shipped to me.

The Peruvian Lilies lasted for
several weeks!
I was extremely impressed with
the quality of the bouquet.

So much so that I am now a
faithful customer of ProFlowers!

I have used other floral companies
for the delivery of bouquets in the past,
but have found the quality of ProFlowers
to be far superior to the others!

For my birthday last September
I had three bouquets shipped to me
from three different companies.
The ProFlowers bouquet outlasted the
others by more than 10 days!

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100 Peruvian Lilies w/vase for 
only $39.84 delivered!
(The lilies are the first deal listed under
the "More Email-Only Specials" heading.)

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