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When Debt Collectors Call: What You Need to Know!

When Debt Collectors Call: 
What You Need to Know!

With many Americans struggling to pay their bills 
one business is booming: debt collectors.

But many consumers say the collectors 
are taking their tactics too far. 
The Federal Trade Commission received a 
record number of complaints about 
debt collectors last year -- 
nearly 181,000. second only to 
complaints about identity theft.

In response to the complaints, 
the FTC has been cracking down on 
collectors who don't follow the rules.  
Consumers have to be very careful.
Some tactics they use are illegal too.

For older debts, the amount of time collectors 
can sue for payment varies state by state, 
and can be anywhere from two to 15 years.

If the debt is large, offering to pay it off 
little by little to get the collector off your back
 might seem like a good idea, 
but that is not necessarily true.

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