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UPDATE On Clarksville Missing Teen: Missing Teen's Parents Offer Cash Reward For Information

UPDATE On Clarksville Missing Teen: 
Missing Teen's Parents Offer Cash Reward For Information

Sierra Simpson's parents insist their daughter 
is not just another runaway teen. 
The 15-year-old hasn't been seen since Thursday, 
and they are wondering what happened to little girl.

The family launched a massive search on Friday 
which turned up nothing. 
Now they are relying on clubs and 
military groups to pass out fliers across the city.

Her mom is Sgt. First Class Rebecca Abney 
who has gone from a tough army leader to 
nothing more than a worried mother 
since Sierra's disappearance on Thursday. 

Sierra was last seen at Kenwood Middle School 
on Thursday afternoon, 
but she never got on the school bus, 
her parents insist this is not a case
 of another teen runaway, 
that their daughter just disappeared.

"We know our daughter. We know our family. 
This is one of the things, this just wouldn't happen. 
She wouldn't just runaway," said 
her step father, Anthony Abney.

And they refuse to let Sierra just vanish. 
They are now offering a cash reward 
in hopes someone will start talking, 
before they lose more time or hope of finding her safely.

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