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Opry Mills Mall Grand Opening is this weekend in Nashville,TN!

Opry Mills Mall Grand Opening is 
this weekend in Nashville, TN!

I am seriously thinking about getting a group
together to take a trip to Opry Mills.
It won't be anytime in the next couple of weeks,
I'd like the crowds to die down from the Grand Opening,
but would love for it to be soon.

My hope is that I get enough responses to
this post that Opry Mills will give us an incentive,
or several, to come on down and shop!

If you are interested in getting together
and making a day of a trip to Opry Mills,
please email me at:
Be sure to put "Opry Mills" in the subject line.

If the response is adequate,
I would love to take a coach bus
and plan some great giveaways & games
for the ride to, and from, the mall!

Once I have collected a fair amount
of emails and have a good idea of the interest,
I will contact Opry Mills and see what we can
work out for making this a special treat!

Subject line: Opry Mills

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