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Mega Millions Picks Jackpot Numbers, any of my Frugal Friend win?

Mega Millions Picks Jackpot Numbers, 
any of my Frugal Friend win?

So, tell me, who purchased lottery tickets?
I have to be honest, I gave it a thought,
but then I pulled into the gas station outside
Gate 1 (here at Fort Campbell) and
not only couldn't find a pump to get gas,
but there was no way I was finding parking!

They were parking in a lot behind the building
meant for Yomato's Restaurant, 
just to stand in line and purchase 
lottery tickets.

I figured if my odds were better that

I'd get struck by lightning,
I wasn't going to stand in line for an hour,
or more, just to be a part of it.

There was a winning ticket,
reportedly sold on the East Coast.
Are you holding it?

Scroll past the video and
read the story, if you'd like.

Click HERE to check the numbers,
and read more about where the 
winning ticket was sold!

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