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Guess what I got in the mail today....

Guess what I got in the mail today....
my new Crocs Sandals!

Yes, I do have very wide feet 
(those are my pudgy piggies in the pic,
with the lovely military housing flooring as background)
and my feet hang over the side just a bit.
This doesn't make wearing them
uncomfortable at all.

I should also note,
I wear a 6.5 but they didn't have
half sizes so I had to get a 6.
They fit perfectly!

I had to snap this picture fast,
the cats love the wooden tag on
the sides of the leather sandal straps.

I have worn them around for several hours,
just around the house and out
in the back yard.

I'll put them to the true test and
wear them to the Commissary next
time we have a sunny and dry day!

I have to say,
I am ALREADY in love with them!

Anyone else get an unexpected gift on their
doorstep or in their mailbox today?

I ♥ my Frugal Friends!