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Great Deal on Charmin at PX/BX and Food Lion, 12 rolls for less than $1.75!

Great Deal on Charmin at PX/BX and Food Lion, 
12 rolls for less than $1.75!

Our Frugal Friend Jackie sent me this email:

"I just went to the PX and at the register they have 
those coupons books (in store
and it is for 4.00 off of 12 pack of Charmin.
PX price matches and so yesterday 
I had them match krogers price of 5.99 
and used the 4.00 off in store 
plus a .25 man(ufacturer) coupon (P&G Insert 3/4/12)
 and only spent like 3.47 I got (two deals) 24 rolls

well today I was shopping around and found 
Food lion has the same deal for 4.98 
with the 4.00 off in store and 
the .25 off coupon (P&G Insert 3/4/12)
two deals were 1.46 for 24 rolls of Charmin"

Definitely worth checking out! :D

*I did not go get these deals myself.
The information above is from a fans email.
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