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'Get REAL' prepares new spouses for military life!

'Get REAL' prepares new spouses for military life!

FORT RUCKER, Ala. -- Get REAL, a program offered only at Fort Rucker, focuses on the things she and the other instructors thought were the most important things everyone needed to know.

"We wanted to make it fun, make it really relaxed and informal," she said. 

The class is discussion-based and activity-driven, Kelly explained, adding the instructors use games like Jeopardy to teach various sections of the class. 

Get REAL begins in a classroom, but in the afternoon, classes get to participate in an activity on post. In the past, classes have gone bowling or painted a piece of pottery at the arts and crafts center. 

"People don't realize all that's available to them here on post," she added.

In addition to all the information, one of the most important things James thinks a person will gain from Get REAL is that they're in an environment with other people, spouses usually, that are going through the same thing they're going through.

"If nothing else, it's a great way to meet other people," she said. 

All Get REAL instructors are volunteers and most of them are military spouses, said Kelly. They know what it's like to be new to the military.  
It would be great if they started this course at other bases.
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