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"FREE" Jello Egg Shaped Mold, pay just $2.95 for shipping!

"FREE" Jello Egg Mold, 
pay just $2.95 for shipping!

Don't hesitate if 
you want one of these,
last year they were gone
before I could get one!

Yes, you do have to pay $2.95
for shipping and handling.
So technically, it's not FREE.

Our Frugal Friend Leah D says:
"Our commissary had them free if you buy 6 small boxes of jello."
"At our commissary, they were by the easter candy. 
they had a jello display with the molds, with coupons for the jello, 
and it was buy 6 small boxes or 3 large to get the egg mold :)"

Click HERE to get your
FREE Jello Egg Mold, 
pay just $2.95 for shipping!
Our Frugal Friend Lonika U says:
Still available in 50635 zip code. 

Jordan E says she used zip code:

WHEN I CLICK (using 42223 zip) I GET:

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