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FREE eBook: It's No Secret: Revealing Divine Truths Every Woman Should Know [Kindle Edition]!

FREE eBook: It's No Secret: 
Revealing Divine Truths Every 
Woman Should Know [Kindle Edition]!

Are you ready to trade your everyday issues and 
emotional hang-ups for a life of 
greater intimacy and fulfillment in Christ? 
Then it's time to discover some God-sized secrets
 to living the Christian life. 
Rachel Olsen's writing is lighthearted and 
fun but she packs a true spiritual punch.  

She's serious about helping you: 

* Handle petty conflicts and criticism with grace
* Overcome the competitive urges that keep you striving
* Grow spiritually despite life's setbacks
* Relax unrealistic expectations in favor of emotional stability
* Uncover a surprising means to worshiping God 
amidst your busy schedule
* Discover how to make what you give away ultimately return to you
* Find adventure as you yield wholeheartedly to God
Explore twelve principals straight from scripture with Rachel, 
and then delve into the Bible yourself 
with end-of-chapter studies. 
Grab your coffee cup and a copy of 
It's No Secret and come discover twelve secrets the world 
doesn't know that every woman should.

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Revealing Divine Truths Every 
Woman Should Know [Kindle Edition]!

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