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For us Insomniacs: The Cost of a Good Night’s Sleep!

For us Insomniacs: 
The Cost of a Good Night’s Sleep!

I wish I could "sleep like a baby",
but most nights I toss and turn.
I've tried sleeping pills,
the side-effects far outweighed
any kind of gain, so I stopped.

We've all heard about the
"home remedy's".
Warm milk, no tv before bed,
no internet before bed, and on and on....

This article is a great read if
you're losing sleep at night!

“Considering that one of the most common triggers is stress,
it seems likely that we’re seeing more insomnia.” 
“Our lives certainly aren’t getting any calmer.” 

Click HERE to read the full article on
The Cost of a Good Night’s Sleep! 
from ABCNews!

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