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5 (yes, FIVE) Dr. Seuss books, with FREE backpack, for only $5.95 shipped!

5 (yes, FIVE) Dr. Seuss books, 
with FREE backpack, 
for only $5.95 shipped!

This is a book club you sign up for,
however, it can be cancelled at
ANY time.

You can purchase the five books,
get the backpack,
and, if you wish, you can even
or two additional books
for only $4.99 more!

A special THANK YOU to our Frugal Friend
Sally W
for sharing this awesome offer with us.

Sally bought the five books,
the two additional books,
and got the FREE backpack,
all for under $11.00!

This is such an amazing deal,
I'm thinking of purchasing this
for a friend's grandchildren!

Please don't forget to go back
and cancel your membership to
this book club, if you wish.

If you do not cancel,
you will get three books a month
and be charged $4.99 (plus S&H)

Click HERE to get your
5 Dr. Seuss books, with FREE backpack, 
for only $5.95 shipped!

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