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What things do "FREEbie" pages do that you wish they didn't?

What things do "FREEbie" pages do 
that you wish they didn't?

I absolutely dislike it when I get these
on FREEbie pages:

"Free Shipping" when it's actually NOT
free shipping and I have to sign up
for something to get free shipping!

"Free Sample" when it's actually a
long invasive survey I have to take
and then I "may" qualify for a sample!

"Free Magazine Subscription" when it's actually
a very long survey, so long I give up,
and I never get a single magazine!

PLEASE take a moment and share with me,
and other readers, what you dislike about
"FREEbie" pages!

I want to make sure I do my best,
and the things listed above are never
something you will find on my blog or FB page.

Please feel free to leave a comment on FB
or email me if you wish:
I'd love your input!  : )