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Some things I have on Bookoo (a/k/a Fort Campbell Yard Sales)!

Some things I have on Bookoo (a/k/a Fort Campbell Yard Sales)!

I truly hate to pimp myself like this,
but I wanted to make sure my
Frugal Friends who are nearby 
have a chance at these items.

I have a Swing that seats three!
LOVE THIS SWING...moving can't take it with me. 
Comes with cushions, shade cover, two throw pillows, 
can be laid down and turned into a hammock!
It is assembled so you will need a truck. 
Asking $125.

I have a Firepit/Cooker!
Used twice, in great condition. 
Moving can't take it with me. Live on post. 
Has rack to cook on, door that opens with latch to close. 
Used only to burn pictures! : ) 
First $60 and it's yours!

I have a gas grill!
Needs to be cleaned up a little, but works fine. 
We upgraded. PICS are taken in garage! 
Stored in garage right now. Even has side burner. 
Hubby just had to have bigger and better. 
First $45 takes it!

I have a 3pc set - coffee table and two end tables!
VERY STURDY, made of wood and wrought iron. 
HEAVY! Won't sell in pieces, set goes as one. 
Pictures show all three pieces
Very nice iron work on these tables!
Stored in garage right now. 
$80 obo and it's yours!

Then there is my beloved pool!
Comes with liner, ladder, filter, cleaning kit, 
vacuum cleaning kit, EVERYTHING YOU'LL NEED! 
Live on post and had to take it down for winter. 
Don't plan to put it up this summer. Just me and hubby! 
Vacuum hooks to filter, super easy to clean. 
I can't think of a thing we don't have for this!
It is boxed and in the garage, not left out in the weather!
Going to miss it!
$125 obo

Please, if you are interested in any of these items,
email me at:
Thank you all!