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Military Spouse Notified of Death By Text (Are you kidding me?!)

Military Spouse Notified of Death By Text!
(Are you kidding me?!)

WOW.... I thought this had to be a hoax
when I saw this headline on my laptop.
Most certainly it was just a ploy to
get me to read an article about texting,
or something like that.

Unfortunately, this is NO HOAX.
My heart goes out to the spouse,
and I will keep to myself my thoughts
on cell phones, internet and other 
forms of communication in the war zone.

All I can say, is this was a TRAGIC
OPSEC violation and no one knows that
better than the grieving spouse.
Shame on any service member and/or spouse
who lets ANYTHING even remotely close to this,
slip out to another service member or spouse.

Click HERE to read how a
Military Spouse Notified of Death By Text!

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