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Inflatable Salad/Chilled Bar for only $10.55!

Inflatable Salad/Chilled Bar for only $10.55!

When I first saw this item
I thought you had to inflate the
entire table.
But then I read the reviews.....
it was just a blonde moment.  ; )

You place this inflatable cold bar
on a table, tailgate, or the ground.
PS-I only suggest the ground if you're
filling it with bottled or canned drinks.

Fill it with ice and it has a drain
so the water drains out and 
leaves no mess to clean up.

The reviews were pretty good on this one,
makes me want one for backyard
entertaining this summer!

Wouldn't a few of these be great
for the next FRG meeting!
Seems there's never ice to keep 
chilled items chilled!

This is an Amazon deal,
so if you do not have Amazon Prime
you will need to pay for shipping.

Unless you look around and find
more things to purchase to bring
your total up to $25.00 plus,
then shipping is FREE!

Click HERE to read the reviews
and get your very own
Inflatable Salad/Chilled Bar for only $10.55!

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