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GREAT Flower Delivery Deals from ProFlowers for your Valentine!

There are some amazing 
Flower Delivery deals out there!

Some of you may remember that on my
birthday this past September,
my husband sent me flowers from 
three different flower delivery places.

I did my own personal "grading"
based on cost, how long they lasted,
how easy they were to arrange, etc.

The most expensive lasted less than a week,
was the smallest arrangement and 
did NOT come as he had ordered.
They gave no refund, no coupon good
for next purchase, nothing.

The other two were delivered in a box
and I arranged the according to the
directions that came in the box with them,
both lasted over two weeks....
but one lasted a FULL MONTH
(the Peruvian Lilies)!

So, I decided that if I wanted my
Frugal Friends to be satisfied with
their purchase of delivered flowers
I will post deals from
ProFlowers only!

They do send me emails with links,
but I am NOT compensated for posting
and if you don't use the links provided
you won't be able to get the same deals
as advertised in the emails.

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GREAT Flower Delivery Deals from 
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*This post does NOT include an affiliate link.
It is purely informational and is not meant to imply
any association or endorsement.