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FREE Color-by-Number Valentines!

Nothing beats a handmade valentine, 
but one that lets the recipient have a little fun isn't bad either. 

These color-by-number valentines are a sure way to 
keep kids busy...and a great way to get rid of some of 
those stray crayons that like to follow kids home 
from birthday parties and restaurants!

Just print the valentines onto cardstock, cut out the cards 
(I used these postcards which are perforated, 
so they were easy to separate), 
add names and Valentine's Day greetings on back, 
then cut a couple slits in each card and 
slide two crayons into place. 
(Complete instructions included with the PDF.)

Each hand-drawn puzzle contains a hidden picture or message. 
Color all the spaces marked with a 1 one color, and the 
spaces marked 2 with the other. If you come to a space with no number, leave it white.

These valentines are available as a free download. 
I included two options for the back of these cards. 
One option has a different Valentine's Day greeting 
for each card, and the other just has 
the to and from spaces with room 
to include a personal message. 

These were far more complicated to create than 
I originally anticipated, but they were so much fun. 
I hope you enjoy them!

Click HERE to get your
FREE Color by number Valentine's Cards 
for your little ones!

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